Does your child
become upset easily?



Hello, I’m Jan! 

I am a mother of two amazing boys and one cute dog. And I am a teacher with nearly 40 years of varied and inspiring experiences.

It is my mission to make a difference to children’s confidence and self- esteem, to be there for struggling children especially children whose well-being is at risk. I aim to provide a safe place where children can flourish and grow and express their true selves. 

As a life-long learner I have been learning throughout my life and have studied many ways to help children with literacy and behavioural issues, in order to improve their wellbeing.

Recently I have gained many insights into how I can help parents, help their children to not only overcome their issues but to become joyful and fulfilled.  To be extraordinary.

The experiences and wisdom I have gained while being a teacher, along with the insights from being a life coach, have placed me in a position to help support a change in parent’s and children’s  relationships with themselves and each other.

I help families address issues that are affecting the way that each member copes, thrives or doesn’t cope with everyday situations.


  • Master’s in Education in Student Wellbeing- Melbourne University
  • Reading Recovery teacher – ongoing learning.
  • Professional Life Coach- The Coaching Institute Melbourne
  •  Diploma Teaching Primary – Melbourne State College (Melbourne University)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education – Health and Physical Education- Preston University
  • Advanced Certificate in Early Literacy Education – Melbourne University


Each family is unique therefore we must design the program around your particular needs and issues. First of all we will sit together to discuss the issues from your perspective.

My job is to listen to you.

We will discuss anything that has already been attempted and the effectiveness of these approaches.

Then as a team we will work out the best way forward.

Egocentric, young children look up to you, their parents as perfection. They believe that you are superhuman and if anything is not right it is their fault.

This is often reflected in their behaviour.

They may struggle to:

  • Make friends
  • Cooperate
  • Play with others
  • Follow rules
  • Cope with separation
  • Be spontaneous

These behaviours are symptoms of the child struggling with themselves, they are struggling with who they are.

They may feel confused about who they are.

They are learning everyday how they need to be to get the attention, love and validation that they crave.

That’s why they will be naughty.

That’s why they will be extra good and compliant.

That’s why they will be overly sad.

That’s why they try to be the best at sport and games, and can’t cope with losing.

That’s why they give up when things seem tough.

That’s why they develop unresourceful behaviours.

As a teacher for nearly 40 years I have seen and helped many children who looked for attention in these unresourceful ways.

Sometimes circumstances get the better of us.

It is said that we all do the best we can with what we have at the time. You as parents do your best. And children do their best.

It is now time to consider how everyone will be even more fulfilled and connected when the environment in  your home further encourages:

  • Everyone to communicate what they want to communicate.
  • Everyone to express their emotions
  • Everyone to question the status quo.
  • Everyone to stretch their limits.
  • Everyone to ask for what they want and need.
  • Everyone to think what they want to think.
  • Everyone to be who they really are.

Let’s make sure that your children are extraordinary.


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