What About Me?

Is your life as a parent busy?

Do you feel the pressure to perform?

Are you wishing that you were perfect?

Perfect mum, perfect partner, perfect home?

Does it feel like you are constantly juggling balls and you are frightened to stop because the one ball that you drop may be so fragile that it smashes to pieces?

What balls are made of rubber?

What ones will bounce back if you dropped them?

What ones are made of glass?

You, the parent, are the one who makes sure that everyone else in the home is fed, dressed, loved.

Who is giving back to you?

Have you heard of the saying you can’t give from an empty cup?

How are you ensuring that your cup is overflowing so that you have enough to give and enough for yourself?

And even more than that, Steven Covey, in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, talks about sharpening the saw.

The wood cutter will be much more effective at cutting the wood if she stops to sharpen the saw at regular intervals.

What are you doing to fill your cup?

What are you doing to sharpen your saw?

Do you feel grumpy?

Do you feel annoyed but you don’t want to make it worse by saying something?

Do you see yourself getting cranky at the kids and wish you didn’t?

Then it is time for you.

It is time for you to do something for yourself.


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